Located in Fort Myers, Florida we are an all-natural farm specializing in modern innovative farming methods to grow nutrient dense produce for our community. We also utilize tried and true methods of land management to protect and replenish our small patch of land so we can provide a place of sanctuary for our local friends and family.

All Natural – Non-GMO – Fresh

Unprocessed – Pesticides free

Herbicide free – Chemical Free

Just off 41, south of Gladiolus located in the residential area of Hendry Creek stands the southernmost commercial aquaponics farm in the United States – EFC Farms. 

At EFC Farms we are focused on sustainable, all-natural farming methods, and utilize aquaponic systems to grow nutrient dense lettuce, microgreens, produce and exotic local plants and fruit trees! 

Beyond aquaponic grown produce we are also the home to a flourishing apiary from which we extract delicious local honey, and a 1+acre free-range chicken coop producing all natural, colorful eggs! Construction has begun at our new Education and Event Center, The BEC. Follow us to keep up with our progress and don’t forget to take home your selection of our aquaponic grown vegetables, fresh eggs, local honey, bananas, and choice of exotic fruit trees and seasonal plants!

What we do:


All natural

Aquaponics is utilizing water as a media to deliver nutrients created in thriving tilapia ecosystems to grow rich, tasty plants!

To accomplish this, we grow our lettuce on ‘tables’ made from PVC pipes, which continuously cycles nutrient dense water from our tilapia fish tanks to the roots of the plants. We do not use any chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides in the growing process!

Balanced ecosystem

In order to maintain a healthy and balance ecosystem, the water is always pumping from the fish tanks through organic filters, to the grow tables, and back again in order to continuously feed our vegetables the nutrient dense water.

Less water

Aquaponic farming methods use less than 10% of water use in conventional growing, and we recycle it! This allows us to grow our crops in a fraction of the time and space when compared to traditional farming methods.

Locally grown

Everything is grown here on the farm! We offer tours to the community to help educate on both aquaponic systems and soil grown plants!

Don’t settle for ‘fresh’ lettuce and herbs that have traveled 11-14 days from California or Arizona before they reach the shelves, let alone your table, when you can buy local here in Fort Myers Florida! Thanks to our aquaponic systems, we are able to grow our produce all year round. See more below for what is currently in season and available.


Produce availability depends on season, Mother Nature, and the current grow cycle.

Interested in our herbs, veggies, and other produce? See the below produce list for what is currently growing and available, or feel free to send us an inquiry at the bottom of the page if you have more questions!

Here is a small overview of the produce we grow:
Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Cucumbers, Bananas, Mangoes, Microgreens.