EFC Farms was devastated by Hurricane Ian. We are currently closed while we rebuild and invest for the future. We will be open and in full operation January 2024.
We currently only have eggs and honey available
Welcome to EFC Farms
A family owned sustainable farm.
Mick, Liz and David

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EFC Farms is an innovative produce farm in South Fort Myers, FL that is focused on sustainable all-natural farming. We host several beehives and have honey for sale. We also raise chickens and sell fresh “safe-range” eggs. We proudly are the southernmost commercial aquaponics farm in the United States. You will find us surrounded by the families in our neighborhood, right in the middle of a quiet, residential area in Fort Myers. We host events and tours. We primarily grow lettuce using aquaponic farming system while we follow the principles of organic farming techniques. We also grow seasonal types of many different varieties of produce. It is our goal is to bring fresh and healthy, locally grown produce right to the people in our own backyard.

We grow our LETTUCE and more!
All Natural – Non-GMO – Fresh
Unprocessed – Pesticides free
Herbicide free – Chemical Free

What we do.
A very simple explanation...
All natural

At our aquaponic farm, we strive to create a natural ecosystem, in which we utilize our fish and the water they live in to supply food to the roots of our plants.

To accomplish this, we slowly grow our fish, by feeding them an all-natural, organic, vegetable-based diet. This food is the only outside product that is added to our ecosystem at any time. No artificial nutrition, chemicals, herbicides, or even pesticides ever enter into the growing process.

Balanced ecosystem

The water in our system is pumped through several natural and organic filters that remove all the solids and the natural occurring nutrients left in the water can now be used to help our vegetables grow.

So with the help of our fishy employees and their food we are able to grow all-natural, reliable, high-quality lettuce and other produce.

Less water

Our aquaponic farming methods use less than 10% of the water used in conventional growing. We grow our Non-GMO crops in a fraction of the time and space it takes to grow when using traditional farming methods.

Locally grown

We avoid long-distance transportation of food by growing fresh products for customers in our community. The big advantage for our customers is a high quality, locally grown, fresh product on their table.

Eat healthy, Live healthy

We strongly believe that eating a healthy diet of fresh produce grown in an all-natural process is good for you. We take pride in providing fresh and tasty produce for our customers who also believe this. These days, buying local food does not only mean you’re just supporting local business, it also means that you’re getting the freshest lettuce and herbs available.

Experience fresh!

Don’t settle for “fresh” lettuce and herbs that have to travel 11 to 14 days from California or Arizona before they reach your plate. Our produce is grown locally in Fort Myers, Florida. We ensure that our customers always get fresh and delicious products every time! Because we grow everything using an all-natural process and we produce all year round! Purchase our products at our market today and let us be part of your happy and healthy lifestyle.