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Burro Banana

The Burro bananas are also known as chunky bananas. When you compare them to the common banana, they are stubbier and have somewhat of a square shape.
It you look at the peel, you will find that it is rich of a vivid, dark green color that turns deep yellow. Just like any banana, they have black spots when ripe.

The flesh of a young Burro banana is experienced as tart and tangy. People say it also has subtle notes of apple and lime. As the fruit matures, the peel turns yellow. The flesh becomes soft on the outside with a slightly crisp textured center. When a Burro banana is ripe, the flavor is creamy sweet and has lemon undertones.

Best use when green: Fried
Best use when yellow: Just eat it!

Burro Banana
Ice cream Banana

The Ice Cream (also known as Blue Java banana, Hawaiian banana, Ney Mannan, Krie, or Cenizo) is a hardy, cold tolerant banana cultivar known for its sweet aromatic fruit which is said to have an ice cream like consistency and flavor reminiscent of vanilla.

The fruit bunches are small, bearing seven to nine hands. The fruit are 18 to 23 cm (7-9 in) in length and exhibit a characteristic silvery blue color when unripe. The fruit turn a pale yellow when ripe, with white creamy flesh. They bloom around 15 to 24 months after planting and can be harvested after 115 to 150 days.

Blue Java bananas are popular bananas that can be eaten fresh or cooked. They are known for their fragrant fruit which taste like vanilla custard. The fruit goes well with ice cream.

Ice Cream Banana
Sucre Banana

Sugar bananas (also known as Lady Finger bananas, Sucrier, Niños, Bocadillos, Fig bananas, or Date bananas) are small, thin-skinned, and very sweet.

Lady Finger banana trees can grow at a height of 25 ft (7.5 m). It has a heavy root system that makes it resistant to wind damage. It blooms during mid-summer, late summer, and early fall. The fruit is 4 to 5 inches (10-12.5 cm) in length, and light yellow. The skin is thin and the flesh is sweet. 12 to 20 fingers are borne in each hand, with each bunch typically having 10 to 14 hands.

Sugar Bananas