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Lettuce at EFC Farms...
is all natural!

Our aquaponic farming method uses less than 10% of the water used in conventional growing. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical additives are ever used in any step of the growth process.

Our lettuce provides great flavor, excellent shelf life and saves prep time thanks to the ‘one-cut-ready’ method that also minimizes produce waste. We harvest our lettuce all year round.
We grow our lettuce & fish by following the principles of organic farming.
Butter lettuce

Round soft leaves with a lovely luscious taste. A dense rosette lettuce head with buttery flavor and attractive, thin, supple leaves. Nice darker green/red, upright grown head. Heads have a round base with open leaves, delicate, buttery flavor.

Oak lettuce

A Nutty taste and attractive shape of leaves. Condensed saladbowl-type oakleaf.
Fine-lobed saladbowl-type oakleaf. Fuller darker green/red, and a beautiful upright grown lettuce heads. Our Green Oakleaf had a compact head that is great for selling as a whole head or in salad mix. Pairs great with butter selections.

Insiced lettuce

Deeply incised, medium-green leaves with heavily frilled margins. Good flavor, slow to turn bitter.

Sweet crisp

Romaine-like sweet flavor with an iceberg-like crisp, crunchy texture. Sweet flavor and crunchy, crisp, succulent leaves. Double green/red leaves with a very defined, three-dimensional shape. The lettuce leaf has a sweet, almost romaine-like flavor, with a surprising crisp, almost iceberg-like, crunchy texture.

Lalique & Deangelia lettuce

Lalique: Tasteful dark green, Crispy lettuce
Deangelia: Deangelia is a blond green butterhead lettuce for summer indoor production. Excellent Bremia resistance, mid green colour, slow bolting with a medium sized frame.

Caravelle & Bobal

Caravel is a dark green multi-leaf lettuce of the batavia leaf type.
Bobal is a Multi-leaf lettuce of the Red batavia type. It has thick leaves with a somewhat red-brownish color and is slow bolting

Chicarita & Ignatius

Chicarita: Baby crunchy lettuce that it strong against tipburn and bolting, well suited to whole leaf cup applications and suitable for year round harvest in most areas. It has a sweet flavour and crunchy texture